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my mission is simple...

"I want to rid the world of plain gray concrete. Whether this is installing decorative, training my competitors, being hired as a consultant or project manager on a specific project, private labeling products from different manufacturers that allow the contractor to use the best products for the job (no one manufacturer has the best complete system), or aiding architects and interior design professionals, this is my purpose."

- Todd Rose

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What sets Todd Rose Decorative Concrete apart
from other contractors?

Our customers just love that Sarah or I help with the design and then a few weeks later they see both of us right in the middle of the job. It's very intimate. I love the fact that one day we are dressed professionally- speaking to a group of architects - and the next day we are covered in concrete and sweat.

When I managed the decorative concrete department for a large construction company here in Nebraska, it seemed I only put out fires that were created by employees. I missed interacting with my customers and hearing them say, "Wow! I can't believe that's concrete!" Decorative concrete, whether a stained floor or stenciled concrete that replaces pavers for a lot less money, often becomes the center point of a project. We take that really seriously.

Sometimes our prices are a little more, but we are confident that we will deliver the aesthetics and quality that you just won't get from a group of hourly employees."

- Todd Rose

Todd Rose made the decision to study marketing at the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina, after shoeing horses for almost 10 years. His decision was prompted by a swift kick from draft horse.

Even after the draft horse incident, Todd continued to shoe horses and during the course of this work, made a discovery: "One day I was having lunch with the office manager of one of the carriage companies in Beaufort, SC. We were walking through the breezeway of an upscale mall and I made a comment about how cool the "bluestone" under my feet looked. The office manager explained that it wasn't "bluestone," it was concrete. I became fascinated that day. I remember it like it was yesterday. I thought, " my GOD, if you can make plain concrete look like this, you've really got something."

Todd began to research decorative concrete that night and went to his first World of Concrete in Las Vegas that year. At that time there were only a dozen or so "real players" in the decorative concrete industry. Last year there were over 200 companies for decorative alone.

Soon after, Todd started a decorative concrete installation company. A year or so later, Todd attended a seminar featuring Doug Bannister in Miami that changed his life once again. Doug offered him a job as Marketing and Customer Service Director of The Stamp Store in Oklahoma City, OK. After Todd left Oklahoma, he managed the Decorative Concrete Department for Stephens and Smith Construction until stepping out on his own to become more of an influence on the decorative concrete industry.

Keith Heiser has been in the concrete construction industry since 1978. He considers himself very fortunate to have worked with and been trained by some very talented individuals, passionate about their craft. Craftsmanship was the key part of learning the trade, and Keith found that he also posessed a natural aptitude for learning the hands on skills required. The love of doing this for a living was enhanced when he started doing decorative concrete projects. With a little imagination, the possibilities were endless. As Keith moved from the field into sales and management, his desire to help the customer achieve the vision of their project has been a most enjoyable part of his life.

Some of Keith's favorite projects have been the massive concrete chair at the Duncan Residence north of Superior street and east of I-180 in Lincoln, the stained floor at "The Beanery" a coffee shop in Gretna, and a stained concrete countertop for Pride Homes which he poured a lot of love into its final look. There are many more projects that Keith has done that deserve mention for being unique in their own way. These projects also had a lot to do with working with some wonderful individuals, and bringing their vision to reality was a pleasure for him to perform.

Keith's top priorities are still his marriage of twenty years with Kim. They have been blessed with two daughters. All three ladies are truly the greatest gifts in his life, and he marvels at the talents each posess. They make it easy for him to come into work everyday and try to achieve something special for their sake.

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