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EXPOSED TM is our trademarked exposed aggregate decorative concrete application. Unlike exposed aggregate of the past, we do not seed the aggregate and then expose it. At TRDC we believe that the old way of seeding the aggregate leads to the aggregate popping out during the freeze/thaw cycles in Nebraska.

EXPOSED TM utilizes colored concrete along with broomed, stamped, or stenciled borders and bands that allows for unlimited creativity in the design. Exposing the aggregate in concrete allows for a much less slippery surface than stamped or broom finished concrete.

Concorde Building 1225 L Street Lincoln, Ne

Concorde Management Property Company came to us with some unique requirements. At the time, the company had existing granite tiles.

Just like pavers, the granite tiles had become uneven after a few years. Another concern they had was that the paver tiles were slippery. They didn’t want traditional stamped concrete because of the fake look it has sometimes. Stenciled concrete or our EXPOSED TM application was the obvious choice for them.

The other MAJOR requirement was that they wanted to disrupt their property management clients as little as possible. At 5 pm on Friday the job was turned over to us to begin removal of the paver system as well as the concrete beneath. We needed to be 100% complete by the next Monday morning when Concorde’s clients would be needing the front door entry.

After many long hours we were 100% done on Sunday afternoon with plenty of hours to spare. The darker areas of the job are slate stamped borders and the field or square areas are colored concrete with the aggregate exposed. We were very proud to offer this kind of creativity and service to Concorde Property Management.

Please be sure to check back on our website to view more unique decorative concrete applications. We’re also working on some exciting streetscape projects using stenciled concrete, stained concrete, and our EXPOSED TM decorative concrete applications in both Iowa and Nebraska, as well as other parts of the Midwest.

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