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Stained Concrete

Stained floors are growing in popularity all across Lincoln, Omaha, Western Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Kansas, and the entire Midwest due to their beauty, durability, ease of maintenance, and low cost.

You can hardly call this type of flooring new any more. Stained concrete floors are being used and spec’d in more and more commercial and residential floors. Nothing like acid stain or water-based stains can change plain concrete into beautiful flooring. The reasons are simple why stained concrete floors are perfect for commercial or residential flooring.

The benefits of stained concrete floors are many:

What about cracks in your concrete?
I am often asked about repairing the cracks in concrete before I stain the concrete. I highly suggest incorporating the cracks into the stained floor. All concrete cracks. Once we educate and inform our customers of why concrete cracks and the fact that any crack “repair” will stain differently than the rest of the floor our customers begin to accept the appeal of the cracks in the concrete becoming part of the natural character of the stained concrete floor.

I have been asked to stain floors that replicate everything from an 18th century tobacco warehouse to a 17th century Tuscany home. Stained concrete has become the medium of choice for my creativity as well as several of our key concrete artisans here at Todd Rose Decorative Concrete. I am confident that if a stained floor is a major theme of your next building project Todd Rose Decorative Concrete can play a central role in the success of your project.

I am excited to give back to my industry by teaching concrete craftsman and other artisans various decorative concrete techniques through my affiliation with Heiser’s Decorative Concrete Training & Supplies. I am a firm believer that the more stained concrete floors are installed the more the demand for stained concrete floors will happen. I once read that concrete was the most used construction material in the WORLD. That is why I have no problem training my competition. If you are interested in learning stained concrete techniques or entering the decorative concrete business please check out the following website




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