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“I loved the class, alot of insight. Husband been in the business 30 some years. Never got the info like Todd & Sarah gave today. Thanks.”

Leanne (3/29/08)

“I enjoyed the decorative concrete staining class alot. Todd has a bunch of experience and knowledge that he passes on, peppered with humorous stories of his days in the trade. Very infomative, would recommend it to anyone who has a creative tendency.”

Jim M.

“I really enjoyed the class. It was very informative. Thanks for helping me to decorate my home.”

Carolyn F.

“I love your class. I’ve learned so much about concrete that I did not know. And to stain concrete is so awesome, the magic that can come out of stain is breath taking.”

George F.

“Great class! Very informative. Who knew you could do all that cool stuff? We are ready to try it on our own. When is the countertop class?”

Teresa S.

“Concrete staining has been very intriguing to me for several years. I was excited when I saw the class was offered. I’m looking forward to decorating my patio.”

“This class gave me the opportunity to set into motion our plan for a unique patio. Todd’s hands-on approach gave each of us an opportunity to work with the materials we would use for the project. Questions were asked and answered in a non-threatening manner. Great class for anyone wishing to do it themselves.”


“We love our new sidewalk! What an improvement! I really like the finishing touch of the brick look around the edges. I’m glad we did it that way. I think the color really goes well with the house.

The guys were professional and helpful, and the job was done in a very timely matter. We will definitely use you again if we need any more work done. Thanks again.”

Tana C.

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“Thanks so much! It looks super! Exceptional service! We love it! Thanks, Todd!”

Bernard W.

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“This is fantastic, Todd. I’m happy it’s done and sooner is most certainly better! We are very happy with your service. Thank you SO much!”


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